Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent Challenge

Well here we are at Day 1 of the Advent Challenge.  I have my brand new journal and there is a blank page staring at me.  This might be more of a challenge than expected.  OK let's try "Gratitude is the Best Attitude"  I am grateful for the sunny day that God gave us.  It might be cold but you can bundle up.  The frost He painted in the fields is gorgeous in the sun.

I am grateful for the handout in Church today.  Maybe I will make an Advent Calendar, or at least buy one of the ones with chocolate in them.  That is something to be Grateful for.  Keeping Hope Alive is a good challenge for this week.   It will give me something to focus on and maybe by looking for signs of hope around me I will be a sign of hope for someone else.

Charlie  Bookworm
29 Nov. 2015