Friday, February 5, 2016

Blind Date

Well it has been a very exciting time around the Library.  We have been working hard to pick books for the blind dates.  We are hoping this will introduce new authors to people.  This way they may try someone they would not have thought of.

Those of you that are doing the Spiritual Challenge we hope you are still writing.  Perhaps one of the Blind Date books will give you a nudge to get back to journaling or give you something to journal about.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the Blind Dates as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Charlie Bookworm

Monday, January 4, 2016

Spiritual Journaling

I  have just finished Acts and am now trudging through Romans.  I find it ironical that our religion is based on four books of the Bible.  Jesus' life and teachings are only recorded in the Gospels and those were written long after his death.  So if we are Christians why is so much of the New Testament about Paul and his teachings?

Charlie Bookworm

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Spiritual Journal

OK so we are getting better at seeing God working in our lives.  Maybe not all the big stuff but definitely some of the smaller things.  So let's try turning things over to God.  Stop trying to control everything in our lives.  Now that is going to be a tough one.  We all like to be in control so just like we did with seeing God working in our lives let's start with something small and work our way up to the bigger stuff.  It could be something as simple as God helping you remember to say grace at every meal, even silently to yourself, or being more positive around others, smiling more, or helping  with a problem that just does not seem to be getting any better and you just can't think of what to do.  Let's turn it over to God every day in prayer, record that in our journal and patiently wait for  a response. Just like seeing God working in our lives the response may not be what we are expecting but it will be there as long as we let go and let God.

Charlie Bookworm

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent Challenge Week 4

Have you noticed how the rush of the season is interfering a little with journaling? Getting home late from shopping or visiting and all you want to do is crash into bed.  Exhaustion seems to be the normal state for this time of year, and on top of that there is still so much to do!

Now wait a minute, take a deep breath and lets look at this.  Do you really need, and the key word here is need, 27 different kinds of cookies?  Wouldn't everyone be just as happy with 1 or 2 of their favorites? So your house isn't a Martha Stewart perfect Christmas picture, look what Mary did with just a stable. If you let go of the "Perfect Christmas" idea you just might have the time you need to record in your journal those perfect moments that happen when you are not looking.  Maybe for once the TV is correct in the commercials that say "make memories not garbage".  Maybe someone you know just needs a little help, maybe all they need is a book from the library and you were going there anyway.

So instead of exhausted, let's get excited.  Instead of wishing it were over let keep Christmas going all year long.

Merry Christmas

Charlie Bookworm

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Avent Challenge Week 3

Were you there for the Children's pageant?  That certainly got the message across in a most delightful and entertaining way.  If you had any doubts about God before, the pageant certainly put those doubts to rest.  You could see God's hand working though those shining faces so clearly.

Have you ever noticed how when you need it the most God sends a message to you in a simple and direct way?  A stranger's smile, a neighbour saying there is space left in his truck and do you need anything taken to the dump, a friend showing up with cookies when you are out because the new recipe made so many.  Sometimes we keep looking for the MIRACLE and miss the miracles all around us.

Charlie Bookworm

Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent Challenge Week 2

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things just seem to happen.  Like the appointment you are dreading is cancelled, you run into someone you haven't seen in ages and they just happen to mention that they are now doing something you have been desperate to find someone to do, or you get to the store late knowing full well that what you want will be sold out and there is one left.  Coincidence? or God working in your life?  This gives us a way of finding God working in our lives even in small ways.  Try it for the week and see if you can find God in your life, then be thankful and record it in your journal.

Charlie Bookworm

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent Challenge

Well here we are at Day 1 of the Advent Challenge.  I have my brand new journal and there is a blank page staring at me.  This might be more of a challenge than expected.  OK let's try "Gratitude is the Best Attitude"  I am grateful for the sunny day that God gave us.  It might be cold but you can bundle up.  The frost He painted in the fields is gorgeous in the sun.

I am grateful for the handout in Church today.  Maybe I will make an Advent Calendar, or at least buy one of the ones with chocolate in them.  That is something to be Grateful for.  Keeping Hope Alive is a good challenge for this week.   It will give me something to focus on and maybe by looking for signs of hope around me I will be a sign of hope for someone else.

Charlie  Bookworm
29 Nov. 2015